Justin E. Crawford, Esq.

Law Firm Talent Optimization Specialist


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About Justin

Justin is an attorney, bestselling author, serial entrepreneur and seasoned leadership coach who specializes in helping law firms grow through strategic talent acquisition, retention & optimization strategies.

Justin builds and optimizes systems and coaching programs designed to help law firms:

  • Attract Top Executive-Level Talent
  • Increase Employee Retention
  • Maximize Profit Margins

Career Highlights

  • Built 3 multi-million-dollar organizations from the ground up.

  • COO for one of the three largest global shipping companies in the world.

  • International bestselling author.

  • Routinely advise hundreds of companies around the world on talent acquisition, growth strategies, operational process refinement, and staff coaching.

“Justin is the guy that makes you wish you had magical writing skills to convey his value and influence. He is intelligent, intuitive, and demonstrates natural skill in everything he puts his hand to. Anyone would be privileged to work with or simply know Justin.”

James R. Brock

Operations Manager

Do less. Better.

It’s the secret to both happy clients and happy colleagues.


“Justin brings a plethora of academic and real-world experience to businesses seeking intelligent solutions to complex challenges. He understands the unique harmony of people, process, and idea.”

Richard Pinal

Attorney & Entrepreneur

“Justin has always impressed me as one of the most brilliant, resourceful and thriving entrepreneurs I’ve met. His story is remarkable, and the natural skills and gifts with which he operates keep him laser focused and keenly aware.”

Matt Steinruck

Marketing Director