Justin E. Crawford

Scalable Operations Strategist


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About Justin

Justin is a seasoned COO who specializes in helping early-to-mid-stage firms scale.

Justin builds and optimizes systems designed to help organizations:

  • Attract Top Talent
  • Maximize Profit Margins
  • Scale for Rapid Growth

Career Highlights

  • COO for one of the three largest global shipping companies in the world.

  • Built 3 multi-million-dollar organizations from the ground up.

  • Built out recruiting and operational systems to help rapidly-growing Inc. 5000 legal consulting firm scale from 15 employees to 150+ in 5 years.
  • International bestselling author who routinely advises hundreds of companies around the world on talent acquisition, growth strategies, operational process refinement, and leadership coaching.

“[T]here aren’t enough corporate-lingo-buzzwords to sum up what is so special about [Justin]. Unicorns, gurus, Sherpas, dynamos, ninjas…they have nothing on him… every team and business is made better and stronger by working with him.”

Nichole Hanscom

C-Suite Manager, How to Manage a Small Law Firm

Do less. Better.

It’s the secret to both happy clients and happy colleagues.


“I have been blessed to work with tremendous leaders and teammates throughout my career. Justin is at the top of that list! He is incredibly mission-focused, has a brilliant mind, and is insanely efficient…. I cannot overstate how strongly I endorse Justin!”

Jonathan Sullivan

Director of Culture, How to Manage a Small Law Firm

“GENIUS, BRILLIANT and EXCEPTIONAL… [F]or the company that has the great fortune to have him as a part of your team….get ready to blast off!!! Your life will never be the same! No BS, no hyperbole…making organizations and people better is just what Justin does best!”

Rae Majors-Wildman

Fractional CEO, How to Manage a Small Law Firm

“Justin is the guy that makes you wish you had magical writing skills to convey his value and influence…. He is intelligent, intuitive, and demonstrates natural skill in everything he puts his hand to… [a]nyone would be privileged to work with or simply know Justin.”

James Brock

Operations Manager, China Shipping Company

“Justin brings a plethora of academic and real-world experience to businesses seeking intelligent solutions to complex challenges. He understands the unique harmony of people, process, and idea.”

Richard Pinal

Attorney, Entrepreneur, Political Strategist, & AVP General Counsel, L’Oréal